Forming Intentional Disciples

Forming Intentional Disciples
Purpose: Jesus commissions us in Mt. 28:19 to go and make disciples.  In order to make disciples (the work of evangelization), one must first be a disciple.  This study seeks to help Catholics in the pew to make a conscious choice to know and follow Jesus and gives helps to transform parish life from within by becoming evangelizers.  Contact the parish office for details.

Good Afternoon Fellow FID’s!

Here is the a-marriage-blessing that we had shared in Longville that our group wanted us to send.  We are looking into finding the holy cards.

Here are recaps of our past meetings

FID Recap May_2017
FID Recap April 2017

FID Recap March 2017
FID Recap February 2017
FID Recap January 2017

The link below was sent to us from one of Lori’s spiritual directees.  After looking at it, we have decided to participate and have sent all our directees this link.  Someone from our groups asked us to send it along with this email.  Check it out.  If you have a question about the Consecration or the Novena, contact us.  The 54 day rosary novena is said each day for 54 days.  27 days for petition and 27 days for thanksgiving.