Pastoral Council Minutes 12-18-2016

St Edward’s and St Paul’s Pastoral Council Minutes

December 18, 2016             12 Noon at St Edward’s Church

Present: Kathy Andert, Fr Keith Bertram, Pat Bettenberg, Larry Holter, Janice Prucha, Cindy Troyna, Dennis Zaske


Fr Keith opened with a prayer;

Old Business

Discussion on St Edward’s new sign. Concerns were how difficult it is to change lettering in the wind, timely updates of the information presented on the sign, and snow banks blocking the sign. Suggestions included waiting for the wind to die down before updating. Also finding two parishioners to actually change the lettering. Fr Keith will talk to Deb about procedures and also talk to the snow removal people.

New Business

  • New Committee Forming Intentional Disciples. Fr Keith presented on overview of this new program and how he had talked to the Bishop on the matter before initiating the program. All parishioners are welcome to attend the meetings.  Lengthy discussion was started on ideas and statistics mention in the book but cut short as this was not the time and place for this discussion.
  • Discussion as to railing for steps leading to pulpit at St Edward’s. Discussion on the existing steps leading to the pulpit included an additional railing would aid in the safety of parishioners. Someone has fallen already as the steps can be slippery. The subject will be presented to the finance committee after Janice contacts some contractors for estimates. This lead into a discussion about moving furniture at St Edwards and insurance concerns. Fr Keith had contacted another church administrator about it and stated that someone competent or a paid employee should be present in these situations.
  • Discussion about old garage removal and use of space. Dennis discussed removal on the existing garage by St Edwards and cleanup of the adjacent woods. It appears that cost would be minimal with parishioners help.  This would have to be presented to the finance committee for approval. The adjacent woods could use some cleanup at the same time. Possible uses for the area included a stations-of-the-Cross pathway. Also suggested was a columbarium to hold cremated remains (similar to Salem Lutheran). Fr Keith will contact the diocese to see what requirements must be met and he will also obtain some cost estimates for such a project.
  • Discussion about new ramp installation at St Paul’s. Fr Keith indicated the need for a ramp which would be the side door on the north side of the church. The entry would possibly be linked to the front via sidewalk, maybe some sort of roof over the entrance.
  • Update on future asphalt project at St Edwards. Fr Keith indicated that parts of the asphalt parking lot are in bad shape. The cause is probably from heavy trucks and trailers using the parking lot as a shortcut, despite signage posted to deter it. In addition to that, the road construction last year did not help. Extending the fence may deter much of this traffic. A fence type gate was also discussed. Fr Keith indicated that resurfacing will be costly and finding funding will be a challenge.


Additional items

  • Janice indicated that the temperatures in St Edward’s church and meeting rooms are too cold. Fr Keith will look into it
  • Janice brought up the subject for the need to know of parishioners that are sick so that the faith community can reach out to them. Privacy issues were discussed.
  • Talked about parish meals to bring parishioners together at St Edwards. It was noted that St Paul’s have been doing this all along.

Closed with a prayer


Submitted by

Patrick Bettenberg, Secretary