Pastoral Council Minutes 3-29-2017

St Edward’s and St Paul’s Pastoral Council Minutes

April 29, 2017 4:30 PM at St Paul’s Church

Present: Kathy Andert, Fr Keith Bertram, Pat Bettenberg, Larry Holter, Janice Prucha, Cindy Troyna


Fr Keith opened with a prayer;


Old Business – St Edward’s

  • Update on safety railing (ambo & altar).– Janice is still waiting on a bid. We are looking for anyone else that would like to bid the project.
  • Update on asphalt/meeting with Parishioners.– Fr Keith indicated that the bid which we received from (Anderson Brothers) is $124,500 plus any fill that may be needed (depends upon what’s underneath the old asphalt). If there is clay underneath the present asphalt, we will have to cover it with good soil; if asphalt is placed on clay it will greatly reduce the longevity of the asphalt. Three payment options were discussed: first a fundraiser, second a loan, third was a capital campaign. The capital campaign idea is not a good option since the parish would be on the hook for 18.64% U.C.A. charges. The Diocese of Duluth assesses every parish in the Diocese a form of a tax of 18.64% on all revenue collected, this being revenue which we would collect from a capital campaign. Also, this form of a tax is assessed on our weekly giving. Whatever is given either through an envelope or loose dollars in the collection is assessed at the rate of 18.64%. Franz, the Diocese of Duluth main financial agent, has said to me that if our parking lot was brand new, that we could do a Capital Campaign and not have been assessed U.C.A. Since the parking lot is not new, but an old lot being repaved, the Diocese considers it a normal operating expense. There is a possibility that we could obtain a loan from an area parish at a reduced rate. Fr Keith has set a meeting date of June 1, 2017 at 6 PM to discuss the situation with parishioners, who are urged to attend so as to voice their opinions and concerns. Fr. Keith, St. Edward’s Trustee’s, a Finance Council representative, along with a representative from Anderson Brothers will be present so as to have an open dialogue and friendly discussion and answer questions raised by parishioners about this upcoming project.
  • Update on new portion of sign. – Janice indicated that the original sign lettering/coloring was not as agreed on. The company has sent the replacement part of the sign (top part) but has not installed it yet. The parish is holding half the payment until the job is done properly.
  • Update on electrical work (Stations and church).– Fr Keith had discussed the challenge faced by the Finance Committee concerning inadequate wiring in a section of the Stations of the Cross. For some time now there is a section of the Stations of the Cross within the church that the light bulbs are not working. An electrician indicated that the area is under-powered or even perhaps has a short in the wiring and needs a considerable amount of additional wiring. There are also some of the original over-sized light bulbs which have burned out and are very expensive to replace. To replace these over-sized lights with L.E.D bulbs would run around $50.00 each. There are a total of ten over-sized bulbs which should eventually be replaced.


Old Business – St Paul’s


  • Checking into ramp/bathroom for church. – Fr Keith indicated the need for a ramp to prevent the possibility of parishioner injury. The ramp would be to the side door of the church and the door may need to be replaced to accommodate a coffin. Tom Seviola is waiting on bids and gathering addition information. There may be a requirement to have a bathroom on the main floor. Fr Keith indicated a bathroom, a new ramp, and perhaps a new larger door might cost about $25,000 (strictly a guess no bids yet). Janice suggested selling bricks to help finance the project.
  • Update on fans for, church. – Fr Keith has approached the Finance committee about installing several ceiling fans in the church within the next 6 months. There is a finance council representative who is checking into the pricing for the purchase of new fans. No bids at this point.
  • Upcoming Kenyan Priest Appeal. – Fr Dan Ngashdm a Kenyan priest (classmate in the seminary of Fr. Francis from Walker) will be speaking to our joint clustered parishes on the weekend of July 15 & 16, 2017.   Dan, in order to better serve the Lord’s flock is in dire need of a S.U.V so that he can travel to outlying parishes in which he ministers. Since Fr. Dan does not have a vehicle for transportation, at times he is unable to provide the Sacrament of the Anointing of the sick (perhaps know by some as the Sacrament of Last Rites) within his assigned territory. Thereby some of his parishioners may be denied of the Sacrament of last rites. This appeal will replace ‘Food for the Poor’. Fr Dan will also visit Immaculate Heart Church in Cross Lake and St. Emily’s parish in Emily, Minnesota.
  • Need of a copier. – The copier at St Paul’s is on its last leg. Pat will get prices of replacement copier

New Business

  • Pat indicated the parish website is taking shape. The intent is to post documents that have been mailed in the past, thus, saving time and postage. The site will also post pictures of parish events.
  • St Edward’s Choir and Cantor will be traveling to St Paul’s for Good Friday and Holy Saturday – Thanks – you are much appreciated from the folks at St Paul’s.
  • Next meeting June 21st, 4:30 at St Edwards (alternate – June 28th)


Closed with a prayer


Submitted by

Patrick Bettenberg, Secretary