Pastoral Council Minutes 8-3-2016

St Edward’s and St Paul’s Pastoral Council Minutes

August 3, 2016

4:30 PM at St Paul’s Church

Present: Kathy Andert, Fr Keith Bertram, Pat Bettenberg, Larry Holter, Janice Prucha, Cindy Troyna, Dennis Zaske


Fr Keith opened with a prayer;


Old Business

No old business

New Business

  • St Paul’s parishioner’s comments need of more ushers (Men and women). Need additional alter servers (adult and women). Lengthy discussion on recruiting volunteers and several ideas were presented for five ministries: Sacristan, Eucharistic minister, lector, server, and usher.
    1. Create job descriptions and expectations
    2. Provide training sessions
    3. Mentor any new volunteers by shadowing
    4. Ask individual candidates one-on-one for help in a specific ministry
    5. Scan church attendees and parish directory for possible candidates and then approach them
    6. Tap into summer visitors

It was decided that job descriptions should be created for five ministries: Sacristan, Eucharistic minister, lector, server, and usher. Training sessions will be held for each group to go over position duties and to answer any volunteer concerns.  The job descriptions will be published in the bulletin as well, in hope of attracting more volunteers;

  • St Edward’s parishioner’s complaint of no sign out front. Dennis Zaske has proposed outdoor sign (which he will present). Dennis presented the proposed lit sign that Dennis and Janice will present to the next Finance Council meeting at St Edwards.
  • St Edward’s parishioners desire a web site (include information for St. Edward’s and St. Paul’s) Deb Stock is inquiring within the diocese as to whether there is a template- which we can use to create a website. Pat discussed some of the options for creating a shared parish website. There are numerous resources available for creating parish websites. These are relatively simple to create and maintain but usually come with fees ranging from a few dollars a month, to over $50 a month.  Any parishioner’s web experience would be welcomed. Pat with continue to research the project.
  • Edward’s some parishioners have concern over ushers brining up the gifts. See #1 above
  • St Edward’s some parishioners question as to why usher are also being Eucharistic ministers. It was stated that the usher ministry needs to concentrate on their duties and let other volunteers fill in for any other situation
  • Edward’s some parishioners question why when big crowds, that additional Eucharistic minister don’t come forward to help? After discussion, Fr Keith stated that in situations where additional ministers are needed, he will just ask from the alter for additional help, especially during Saturday 4PM Mass;


Additional items

  • St Edwards now has Wi-Fi. Please ask Father or Deb for password.

Closed with a prayer


Submitted by

Patrick Bettenberg, Secretary